Introduction to cmake


Flux Capacitor Tests

Of course the flux capacitor library has a few tests to verify its behaviour.

In the next exercise we will use command add_executable to build a test executable for the flux capacitor library.

Because we want to run tests automatically on each build, we will use command add_custom_target to add a custom target that runs the flux capacitors tests.


add_executable(apple-tests ...)
add_custom_target(run-apple-tests ALL COMMAND apple-tests)

add_custom_target(run-all-tests DEPENDS run-apple-tests run-grape-tests)

Exercise 4

From the source files in flux_capacitor/tests build an executable named flux_capacitor-tests with an alias tests::flux_capacitor.

The tests also check classes that are not part of the public interface of the flux capacitor. So, the source folder of the flux capacitor library is an include dependency for the test.

The tests are depending on time_machine::flux_capacitor, the testing framework catchorg::catch2 and of course project::settings.

Because an executable has no dependants, all dependencies should be private.

Folder structure
+--- CMakeLists.txt
+--- flux_capacitor/
|    +--- CMakeLists.txt
|    +--- include/
|    |    +--- flux_capacitor/
|    |         +--- flux_capacitor.h
|    +--- src/
|    |    +---
|    |    +--- capacitor.h
|    |    +---
|    |    +---
|    |    +--- flux.h
|    +--- tests/
|         +--- CMakeLists.txt
|         +---
|         +---
|         +---
+--- vendor
|    +--- CMakeLists.txt
|    +--- catch2/
|         +--- CMakeLists.txt
|         +--- ...
+--- ...

Then add a custom target named run-flux_capacitor-tests that runs the tests.

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