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Max Profit!

Suppose we could access yesterday's stock prices as an array, where: The indices are the time in minutes past trade opening time, which was 9:30am local time. The values are the price in dollars of HP stock at that time. So if the stock cost $500 at 10:30am, stockPricesYesterday[60] = 500.

Write an efficient method that takes stockPricesYesterday and returns the best profit I could have made from 1 purchase and 1 sale of 1 HP stock yesterday. For example:

int[] stockPricesYesterday = new int[] {10, 7, 5, 8, 11, 9}; getMaxProfit(stockPricesYesterday); // returns 6 (buying for $5 and selling for $11)

No "shorting"—you must buy before you sell. You may not buy and sell in the same time step (at least 1 minute must pass).


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