File and directory management with Unix


File management in Unix environment

Directory management

In Unix environment, you can create a directory with the mkdir <new_dir> command.

For instance, you can create the directory images at the root of your system using the command:

mkdir /images

You can also create a full list of directories and subdirectories using in 1 comamand using the -p parameter.

mkdir -p /images/sub1/sub2

will create the complete directory hierarchy structure in one single line.

The mkdir command manual is accesible here: mkdir

File management

You can change a file timestamp using the touch <file> command.

touch /hello.txt

will update the access and modification time of the hello.txt file. If the file does not already exists on the system, it will be created with an empty content.

In practice

Create an empty file called valid_file under the directory /foo/bar/valid_file
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