Time-saving tech recruiting platform with stimulating

coding challenges

  • +1500 online coding challenges
  • +30 technologies & frameworks
  • Custom coding tests for Junior to Senior developers
  • ATS integration & API access
  • No credit card required

CodinGame streamlines your hiring process

End-to-end Coding Assessment Platform

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Test Wizard

Discover +1,500 coding challenges across 25+ technologies and frameworks

Question Editor

Create custom programming challenges and exercises that suit your company’s technical requirements. It’s the best way to see how a candidate will adapt to your day-to-day technical issues!

  • Choose from multiple question types including problem solving
  • Create your own test cases to assess specific skill sets
  • Craft multiple language questions
  • Translate your challenges into English and French

Gamified Test Sessions

Ditch boring coding tests and discover the power of gamification!
Invite your candidates to showcase their creative thinking and problem-solving skills in a fun way, white boosting their engagement and reducing their stress.

  • Reduce test anxiety
  • Provide outstanding candidate experience
  • Measure creativity and strategic thinking

You are in good company

API & ATS Integration

Easily integrate CodinGame Assessment with your own system or use your favorite Applicant Tracking System to manage your candidates. Don’t worry, we are compatible with all major ATS including Greenhouse, ICIMS, Bamboo HR, Lever, Jobvite, and more!

  • Reduce test anxiety
  • Provide outstanding candidate experience

API & ATS Integration

Building solid tech teams is about more than coding skills alone. Ability to work as part of a team, empathy, motivation: Get to know your candidates’ soft skills better without having to use a third party video chat tool. Organize programmer interviews without having to ask candidates to come to your offices.

  • Ready-to-deploy video interview setup
  • Shared code editor
  • Video, audio and text chat

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