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to test developers’
skills before hiring

HR and IT professionals turn to CodinGame Assessment to evaluate developers’ coding skills. How? With tech-friendly tests that only take 60 seconds to set up.

Most coding tests are time-consuming to set up and
deliver poor candidate experience

Other coding test platforms are easy to trick and boring to use

How can you hope to uncover hidden talent with basic
theoretical questions that can easily be looked up? If
you’re not challenging and stimulating developers, you’re
not getting a true snapshot of their technical skills.

Homemade assessments are ineffective

Are you and your tech team spending endless amounts
of time reviewing candidates’ answers? The tech talent
market doesn’t wait. You’re missing out on the best

Do you realize how much your tech recruitment
is costing you?

Some HR and IT pros consider that “home-made”
technical screening methods cost nothing. We see things

Sadly, there’s no such thing as “free” recruitment. In fact,
sometimes spending money is the best way to save
money. Think we’re crazy? Let’s take a look at the math.

Enter your hiring information and find out how much
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There’s a better way…
Build coding tests in seconds and receive easy-to-read reports with the
data you need to make the best hiring decisions.


Award-winning platform for
its ease of use

Popular review site, G2,
recommends our platform for
its ease of use.


Excellent candidate experience
and a 96.98% test completion rate

Our team includes former
employees of leading video game
studios. They use their experience
to create coding tests that are tech-
friendly and excite developers.


Strongest anti-cheat technology
on the market

We flag developers who try to
cheat. Want to know our secret
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42 technologies and +1900 questions available
















4/5 candidate developers rate their experience as “excellent”

How it works

Step 1

Set up your coding test

Use our vast library of questions to build a ready-to-go
technical test in less than 60 seconds.

Prefer to take things into your own hands? No problem!
You can create your own questions too.

Step 2

Invite your candidates

Customize our smart email template and send batch invites
to your candidates. It takes minutes!

Step 3

Candidates take your coding test

Candidates can sit your test in their own time, after
viewing a short tutorial that gives them a glimpse of
what a CodinGame test looks like.
Will a coding test bore candidates or scare them away?

👉 96.98% of developers who start a test finish it. Our teams include former employees of leading video game studios. They use their experience to create coding tests that are tech-friendly and excite developers.

Step 4

Receive detailed, easy-to-read
test reports

Not only are you provided with a score per candidate, you’re
also granted access to each applicant’s answers. Gain insights
into developers’ method and thought process.

How do you know if the developer’s score is “good”?

👉 We provide a comparative score to help you benchmark your applicants. Our comparative score indicates where your candidate stands, in comparison to other developers who have taken a similar CodinGame test. This way, you know if your candidate’s score is above or below average.

Why recruiters and tech teams love us

+1000 companies worldwide have already switched
to CodinGame to create non time-consuming and efficient coding tests

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