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April 21 - May 2

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Fun and unique coding events that bring CodinGame’s two communities together


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Your own tech team will love it and other developers will notice you.

Forget feel-like-work hackathons, CodinGame challenges are entertaining and educational.

Stimulate your team’s innovative flair with a game-based competition. Invite them to explore a technical challenge outside of work. Years of collaborating, playing and learning with programmers have led us to create unique games that truly intrigue and excite technical teams.

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Do it for the devs

Our approach is simple:

practice and learn coding skills while having fun.

Game tutorial

by AI expert

Educational streams

during the challenge

Top players’ strategies

shared at the end

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Frequently Asked Questions

No need. Players register for the challenge and say what company they belong to. We automatically create company teams this way.

Players register anonymously on CodinGame.com and we wish to respect this anonymity during coding challenges. The only way to do this is to ask your developers to tell you their player username. 

The event is open for 11 days. It takes around half an hour to have a basic AI running.

The top 100 company leaderboard is continuously updated from the start of the event.

The score of a company is the sum of points of its top 5 players. The score of a player is based on their rank and the number of players in the leaderboard.

Don’t worry about the competition. Focus on having a good time and learning new things. We’ll provide guidance and help along the way. Enjoy!