Screen developer candidates with coding assessments.

Easily determine which candidates should move forward in your interview process with technical screening tests.

Create the ideal coding assessment in under a minute

Generate well-balanced tests across multiple roles and technologies. Simply enter your criteria and voilà!

Spot the strongest candidates at a glance

Shortlist candidates in minutes with automated scoring and easy-to-read reports. Feel confident about the candidates you choose to move forward.

Engage developers with relevant tests that aren’t boring

Send coding tests that developers actually complete. 96% of candidates that start a CodinGame assessment finish it.

Extensive question bank

Pick and choose from a vast selection of questions and build coding tests that support your ever-evolving hiring needs.

  • 4,000+ questions
    tailored to junior, senior or expert positions
  • 70+ supported technologies
    Java, SQL, JavaScript, etc.
  • Combination of job role and skills
    Java Developer, React Front-End Developer, Python Developer, etc.
  • Varied question formats
    Game-based exercises, coding exercises, multiple choice and text questions, custom questions

Insightful test reports

Get an accurate snapshot of candidates’ technical strengths and weaknesses with detailed yet straightforward reports.

  • Automated grading
    for fast and reliable evaluation
  • Code playback
    to assess thought process and coding reflexes
  • Scoring by
    skills and technologies
  • Comparative score
    to benchmark developers against others in their field

Candidate-first components

Show candidates that tech screening doesn’t have to be stressful or boring. Engage and inspire with our game-based exercises and more.

  • Performant and realistic IDE, based on VS Code systems
  • Creative, game-based coding exercises with visual rendering
  • Language-independent exercises to evaluate coding potential, while allowing candidates the freedom to choose their preferred language
  • Customization and language options (English, French, Spanish)

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