Drumroll please.

We will be at Unleash Amsterdam 2018! Hoorah!

The big event is roughly a month away, so we’d like to give you the lowdown.

What is Unleash all about?

Unleash, formerly HR Tech World, made their debut as a start-up in 2011 and have since grown into the largest corporate network focused on the Future of Work and HR Technology. Their events bring all kinds of people and organizations together: from big brands to startups, from technology providers to influencers, from media to next-gen innovators. With big names (Sir Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Sir Ken Robinson, Rachel Botsman, Gary Vaynerchuk) and big locations (Amsterdam, London, San Francisco, Paris, Las Vegas), Unleash have put themselves firmly on the HR Tech world map.

What to expect from Unleash Amsterdam 2018

Unleash Amsterdam 2018, the 8th Unleash World Conference, will be held at Amsterdam’s RAI Exhibition and Convention Center on the 23rd and 24th of October. Over 5000 leaders will attend, representing diverse organizations from over 120 countries worldwide.

The focus for this year’s event is “The Future of Work” and keynote speakers include Matthieu Ricard, Esther Perel, Stefan Hyttfors and Andrew Keen. The event will play host to over 250 speakers, who will take to the 16 RAI stages to discuss everything HR Tech. Subjects include:

  • People technology and industry digitalization
  • Recruitment (finding, attracting and retaining the best talent out there)
  • Learning and development (upskilling and reskilling the workforce)
  • Digital transformation
  • Change management
  • Talent management
  • Smart data and people analytics
  • Employee experience design
  • Etc.

We don’t know about you, but this is the stuff that floats our CodinGame boat! ⛵️

Why we wouldn’t miss it for the world

We are oh so excited to be an Unleash Amsterdam 2018 exhibitor. We’re all about HR and Tech – so we know we’ll feel right at home.

HR has been making a lot of noise in the past couple of years. Business habits and processes are evolving – but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Our solution reflects a real desire to be part of the shift towards recruitment based on skills, rather than on traditional criteria (resumes, qualifications, etc.). But we won’t stop there! We’re determined to be part of the HR revolution and earn our stripes as one of the actors leading change in HR and Tech.

“Join the revolution! We’ll dig in for two days of inspiring stories and deal-making, and discuss what’s next in the World of Work.” – Unleash

We can’t wait to meet people from all over the world to discuss our activity. We’re excited to nourish our development with ideas and feedback from a wonderful array of people. Unleash Amsterdam is our way of keeping up with the fast-evolving HR Tech market. We’ll be right there soaking in the innovative ideas and the atmosphere. We’ll be on the hunt for new trends and sources of future disruption.

CodinGame at Unleash Amsterdam 2018

What we think you should check out

There’ll be a lot going on at Unleash Amsterdam 2018. We mean a lot. There’s no way any one person could possibly see everything there is to see. Here’s what we recommend trying to fit in if you’re attending the event:

HR Technology 2019: Disruptions Ahead

When: Day 1, 11:15
Where: Hall 10
Who: Josh Bersin

“The HR Technology marketplace is changing rapidly, with a new focus on productivity, employee experience, wellbeing, and the explosive potential for AI. In this research-based presentation, Josh Bersin, global industry analyst, will present his “HR Technology Disruptions for 2019” perspectives, and highlight the big trends for the year ahead.”

Is HR Fit For The Future Of Work? Today’s Technology Vs. Tomorrow’s Transformation

When: Day 1, 14:55
Where: Room E108
Who: David Wilson

“Agile, AI, Analytics… the hype surrounding the future of HR technology keeps coming. But how can you truly transform your HR operation and ensure your organisation and your people are fit for the future of work? David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR Analyst, unveils the 2018-19 European HR Realities research, conducted in partnership with UNLEASH, that shares where HR solutions are today, and how ready organisations are for tomorrow.”

HR Technology: Supporting The Workforce Of Today And Future Proofing For Tomorrow

When: Day 2, 11:15
Where: Room D204
Who: Alraune Chowdhury

“What does digitization and transformation mean within the context of HR functions? What strategies are being adopted to bring the workplace experience to reflect the way humans carry out day-to-day transactions, engage with the company and each other. How is technology supporting these strategies? How are these strategies driving employee performance, employee engagement and business success?”

So Many Women In HR, So Few In Tech. What More Can We Do to Change That?

When: Day 2, 12:00
Where: Room D203
Who: Dorothy Dalton

“Gender balance should be just another corporate transformation, but it meets push back. [What can] HR leaders do differently tomorrow to manage and overcome that resistance?”

CodinGame’s Booth

When: All day!
Where: Booth 133
Who: CodinGame

That’s right, we’d be absolutely thrilled to see you. Come along for a chat. We’ll be discussing HR Tech and Tech Recruiting, organizing live demos, giving product tours, answering questions and all that good stuff. Looking to source, screen and retain the best developers? Drop by our booth!

See you there!